List of steps
Total number of steps : 4
Obtention du visa de sortie (2)
1 Demande de visa de sortie 
2 Retrait du visa de sortie 
Les formalité à l'aéroport (2)
3 Pesage des bagages et enregistrement 
4 Remplissage de la fiche de voyage 
Summary of the procedure Print Summary of the procedure No previous step Demande de visa de sortie

Where to go?

You will have to go to the following agencies. The number indicates how many interactions are required with each entity.

What you will get

The objective of the procedure is to obtain those documents.

Required documents

The documents with green band will be provided to you during the procedure.

How much?

This list shows the costs in all steps of the procedure.
Free of charge

How long ?

The estimated total time is calculated by adding the time spent: 1) waiting in queue, 2) at the counter and 3) between steps.
  min. max.
Total time (sum): 0 d 0 d
of which:
Waiting time in queue (sum):    
Attention at counter (sum):    
Waiting time until next step (sum):   -

Legal justification?

The regulations which justify the procedure and its content